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Brucie RIP 8 Oct 2016

October 9, 2016

I guess I knew it was coming but it doesn’t make it any easier. On Fridays walk my old Bruce Goose struggled, I cut the walk short.. and that night he wouldn’t eat his tea. You hope they will pass peacefully in their sleep but sadly having had 5 old dogs now I know this doesn’t happen. Saturday morning Bruce was miserable and we had no choice but to make him comfortable.. xx

so.. where do I start. My old Bruce goose.. about to turn 14yrs next month.  What a fantastic dog.He was always happy and such a player. In his young days  it was a competition between him and Tyler as to who would get to the stick and bring it back first..  being the gentleman he was he would let Tyler but I would make them take turns.. Bruce would play for hours.   he was mad ..

He loved the water and would leap at heights off the bank into our creek..  anything to get somewhere fast & first.. At 7 mnths he broke his toe doing jumping into the creek so for a while we had to  have controlled walks to let it repair.. man he hated that.. it was like torture for him being on the lead and not running. It was the only accident we had with him although he still was crazy..

Brucie loved children and any young animals. He had this huge protecting need in him.. He would always stay by the kids and not let them out of his sight.. All the baby animal (particularly puppies) Brucie would just sit & keep an eye on them,, A few times he went a tad over the top with his protecting of pups and not let the mothers in the whelping box.. He lost those battles!!


He would always greet visitors with great gusto & head off to find something for them to play with.. well for them to throw for him.. it didn’t matter how big or small it was, Brucie would always bring something.                                                                                                       One of his other huge passions was the hose.. As he got older that never stopped he just got cleverer & instead of going for the water part he’d go for the hose itself.. He nearly got my hand a few times. Bruce had to be there to help fill any water bowl and the garden.. well you couldn’t even begin to try if he was around. Actually even mowing the lawns was a challenge with Bruce.. the odd pulling at the wheels away or else he would just run around and around me.

We use to love his smile.. he had this serious look when he was concentrating and his lips would sort of turn up… it was so funny.. it what a real “what you talking about Willis’ look

Bruce had a love hate relationship with Hoons. He would always be right behind him when out playing.. he would never get in his way. It was strange as Hoons seemed to totally ignore him.. unless they were inside and then Hoons would get grumpy at poor old Bruce.

I will have to say Brucie has had a fantastic life.. I still remember the day we picked the wee man up and bought him home.. he was so good. He was never a problem our Brucie.. he wasn’t so keen on my up close cuddles to his face but he would always happily plonk himself on you.

We will miss the old boy so much.It has been quite emotional going back our 14 years of photos..He has been such a huge happy part of our world.

He now lies in a spot that if he was alive he would be watching down our valley. He will always be in our hearts although right now it feels very broken.. Love you so much Brucie xxx

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  1. Tracey permalink
    October 9, 2016 3:56 pm

    So sorry to see this 😢 our boy Zorro is one of his babies and is so similar in behaviour and looks. Thinking of you. Tracey Owens

  2. October 11, 2016 5:05 pm

    I am crying with you. Brucie was one cool dude and one of Michael’s favourites. Sasha does the same smiles and guarding of our cats. RIP BRUCIE. Have fun jumping over the rainbow. You will be missed so much by your family. XOXOXO Thinking of you guys. Chrissi, Michael and Gwen McMahon

  3. Janet permalink
    October 17, 2016 1:24 pm

    I am so sorry you have lost Brucie. It was a surprise when you had just posted about the oldies. I always thought he was special ,that’s why I wanted a pup from him . Gemma is identical to Maddie & Shiraz though so perhaps only the males take after their fathers. IIs been a hard 12 months for you even with all the others to distract you as Hoons,Tyler & Brucie were at the beginning of your bloodline & helped get you where you are today. They are all different natures and have a special place in your heart. Gemma is so easy to manage & will never run away & so cuddly. I could take her anywhere without a lead. The boy however just follows his nose not caring where he finishes up’ I had him in paddock a couple of weeks ago & unfortunately I am on a corner with road both sides & a lot of dogs get walked past my place as it is on boundary of built up area & this lady was walking a husky so he took off thru the fence chasing her. No way would he come back. She must’ve got a fright. Little shit’ After lots of yelling & swearing he decided to come home. He can be rather confronting with other dogs.

    I have just spent $350.00 on him as he poked a stick in his lovely blue eye & it ulcerated. He still has a scar on it. He doesn’t jump which is unusual for a border but pushes his way through things & was after rabbits in rubbish pile. Mind you he is 28 kilos & rather large. I only give him 1 cup of dog chow a day & a small piece of dog roll every other day but he scavenges, especially the bread I feed chooks. I never noticed before he was doing it, but vets weighed him. He has his mother’s coat as well & gets very matted. I might clip him for summer. Unfortunately Gemma likes to graze so he pinches her biscuits as well if I don’t watch him. She is a light eater. .He loves his cuddles though & is super loving. They both spend Sunday afternoons taking turns on couch with Beryl for cuddles. She loves them & they know when a person is a doggy person or not. Margaret my other sister is a cat person & never had dogs so they just go to her for pats. We still spend every Sunday together & I show them all your photos . Phinn decide to rip another cushion up this morning so I put photo on my Facebook page .It will give everyone a laugh. I often wonder what people think of my doggie house as I put a photo up a while ago of them all on my bed not thinking of mess in background but who cares. I was never allowed to have dogs on bed with either husband or on couch so now they have their own couch & can sleep on bed if they want to.

    I hope all your puppy season goes well & look forward to seeing new colours. I love the “blue grey” & white pups as this is an unusual colour for borders with no ”merle” in them & no red. If I ever got another one it would be that colour Well lunchtime & Emmerdale time..

    L Janet

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