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Seasons Greetings

December 12, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone. Have a safe and cherry festive season. Don’t forget to keep your friends out of hot cars.

It has taken me a while to wade through email requests for pups so if you haven’t heard from me and you are still wanting a pup please contact me. I do have some pups still available.

Another year nearly done and dusted. It has been a very wet one here so we are  enjoying the taste of summer we have had so far.  Thank you to those who once again regularly send me pictures and updates of their tylerwild pup. I do love getting them and hearing how everyone is doing. If you haven’t had a chance then I am sure over your Xmas break you can dust off the cobwebs on the camera and take time out to email me.  I am now officially a full time mum and grandmum!! so always around  or not far if you happen to be passing.

We have had a busy  couple of weeks here. First with Frankie and Chico producing 10 beautiful pups and then Lani 5 days later had her 8.  Bear is the father of Lani’s pups and he is son of Bill and Molly. Thank you Nicky for sharing him with us.

All pups are doing really well and they do grow so fast. It is amazing the difference in size in only 5 days. Frankies pups look like monsters when you compare the 2 litters. Both girls are being  great Mums and the pups are fat and content. They are such time wasters puppies… Already they are starting to look super cute.. I look forward to  taking over the feeding and then life starts to get real interesting with the pups.

Riley is 6 years old tomorrow. Not sure where those 6 years went.. but.. I will most certainly make sure he celebrates in the style he is accustomed to!!! Funny as he is the grandfather to both these 2 litters.

So best wishes to all for a very festive xmas & a happy new year- 2017.. Big hugs to all the tylerwild border collies out there..

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