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Summer of puppies

February 2, 2017

Well it has been a great start to 2017 with 2 bunches of beautiful pups from Frankie and Lani. I think we have had one of the busiest months on record for visitors!! Those meeting  parents to be, families visiting their pups and even more special for me is when past pups come back to visit me.. I so love seeing them and I’m pleased to say this summer I have had a few pop in.. yah..Thank you xx

I am so pleased I am home full time with these Guys now or life could have got seriously difficult. Once again I have met and got to know some fantastic families. I do encourage and appreciate the effort some people go to, to get to know their pup in the first 8 weeks I have  them. Their growth rate at this age is so great and even after all these years it still blows me away how fast they grow.  By the time the pups are 6wks they greet visitors with great gusto.. It always makes me laugh when people say the pup will pick you.. I tell them .. with my lot you may end up with a lot of pups!!!  (hmm maybe thats my problem!!)  Anyway..

As nature works in its own mysterious ways.. all my good plans have been altered for breeding with late heats and early heats.. 5 girls on heat in 2 weeks!!  ggrrr  but more about that after  Frankies pups pics.. my puppy page has the latest matings.

I have taken so many  hundreds of pics but I have tried to pick some of my favorites to share..  Phoebe is 4yrs old and wanted to read the pups a story so they would go to sleep.. that was super cute!!  Lanis pics will come next soon!!

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