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Merry Christmas for 2017

December 22, 2017

And a Happy New year for 2018

Wow.. so I am not sure where this year has gone. Last November 2016 I gave up my 3 days a wk work(away from home) to  be at home fulltime and devote more time to my my dogs and puppies.. I did think maybe this way I would have some spare time. It seems to have gone from 0 spare time to minus 10 spare time!! But to be fair I am doing something I love and are very passionate about.  It is hard if not impossible for us to get away and generally not together.. Tomorrow I head down to the Wairarapa  for my nieces wedding leaving Greg to hold the fort.. Puppy under my wing for a family down there too!!! But after Xmas I will be home (mostly)and around and often people are on holiday and pass by so we look forward to seeing some of those Tylerwild pups back for a visit..  I have already had a few visits this month which we love & thank you also to all the emails with Xmas updates coming through..  I love them they are great..

We had an extremely wet winter and now enjoying an amazing start to summer. Mind you how we are asking for rain as the grass levels for our stock will get low.. you cant win. If this sun keeps up and having no pups in Jan I am hoping to maybe have the odd day out fishing (Please note Greg if you are reading this!!)

This week I have started saying goodbye to Chloes beautiful babies. Some will stay here till after Christmas. Once again I have met and got to know some really neat people and families and its a happy time seeing the pups head off to their  new homes and exciting life styles.. I say happy although there is the odd tear shed.. but they are happy tears!!! We did have one of Mollys pups for a few weeks longer  Oscar and that was a bit hard saying goodbye.. Talk about cute & win your heart. Oscar has just been back for a visit with Savannagh when they came to collect Maia and ohh hes still so cute..

Exciting start to next year with Sue & Hanna both due to have babies in February . This will be Hannas first litter and  shes a strong willed young lady but I think she will be a pretty good mum.. I cant wait..

I have also started a Tylerwild facebook page up.. Learning the ins and outs of it and I’m not a great facebook fan but its a the way of the world now.. so please check it out .. I will try & get this to connect through to updates but may need some  more techno advise on that one!!

So things are a tad hectic here at the moment so I shall quickly put some pics through and sign off till next year. Remember to keep your dogs cool & not shut in hot cars or houses.. plenty of water and away from all that good Xmas tucker they can so easily sneak off benches!!!


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