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Enjoying the summer

January 29, 2018


Having had a very wet winter we are really enjoying this beautiful weather.  My pregnant girls Sue, Hanna and Tui are finding this very hot but they are able to cool down in the creek which they enjoy. The double coat that a border collie has does help keep them cool. Our Guys do enjoy swimming.

We really enjoyed seeing Georgies 2 sisters Paddi and Gypsy. Georgie especially did and they all got on really well with lots of mouthing games. Very very cute kids..

So January is already coming to an end.We seem to be lucky and have also had some rain so everything is growing fast. I have had to mow the lawns twice a week which isnt ideal..It is a very hot job!! On the 5th of Jan my dear Charlie turned 12 years old. She is starting to show her age now and slowing down. I managed some cute pics of her on her birthday..

The last of Chloes pups left around Christmas. I went  to my nieces wedding in Martinborough on the 23rd Dec so was able to take Juno with me for Deborah.  And also a big thrill when Charlotte and Michael  managed to surprise their family when they arrived to collect Nala on the 28th. They have Jasper (who is from Molly and Bill) and live in Wellington but had been up north on holiday. All the family wanted was a puppy for Xmas and the look on their faces was priceless when they realised they actually got one. It was lovely to see Jasper too and his older friend Gus.  Billie and Blue  left and then Macy Gray was the last to leave.

Here a a few pics I took this week too. Sue is starting to look big now and is due in only 2 weeks time. Hanna is also starting to thicken out and we are very excited about her and Rileys first litter. Tui will be 3 wks behind ..

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  1. Sandra Winger permalink
    January 29, 2018 2:58 pm

    Love your updates. Such gorgeous dogs.
    Still wanting a black and white female later this year.
    Sandy Winger

  2. January 29, 2018 6:00 pm

    So pleased to see your comment about , the border collie coat, my beautiful Jesse, son of shiraz and riley, has not been clipped.
    Every one keeps saying oh he’s to hot get him clipped, it seems to be the fashion at the moment, so many BCs are clipped
    but he loves the water and is always swimming an advantage of living by the beach, so I trim his tummy and back legs and thats it.

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