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Countdown till pups arrive

March 23, 2017



We have been  having a pretty good summer really despite a lot of the country not.. We have had a few swims at the beach and sure.. a spell of rain but overall it has been good.Our creek did go into flood mode during the last bad downfall but it has cleaned it out so its now all good again. The dogs  love cooling down in it over summer and especially so the pregnant mums to be. My camera has had a bit of a break since the last lot of pups.. (which I will update-now sorry I had forgotten!!)

Sue is looking  pretty uncomfortable and is a bit more sleepy than normal. Shiraz  is well.. she is Shiraz and I am putting her on the lead to head out these days to slow her down and stop her jumping.  She seems to forget she has precious cargo on board when shes with the pack… Tui is a couple of weeks behind them  but is starting to show a wee bump.

It has been so nice being home and getting out and about with these Guys..You just cant but help love them. I do have a few pics to share.. just cant resist really!!

Our dear old Maddie celebrated her 14th birthday in Feb. She is still a very happy healthy dog and still gets so excited when its walk time.. She yips and bites at the ground in excitement. Her back legs aren’t as strong as they use to be now and occasionally she has a wee stumble in her excitement… she looks around  as if someone pushed her.. Its quite a hoot. It can be quite loud her yipping and Greg does complain it hurts his ears.. but as I tell him.. it will be a sad day when we don’t hear that yip..xx

So Lanis pups all left the nest and went  to their new homes. They were are lovely bunch of kids and Lani one of the best Mums we have. Lani certainly enjoyed the attention of all those who came to visit although  she was rather insistent they only play with her!!! Once again I met some lovely families and the pups are very lucky..

It was nice they  didn’t all leave at once as Lani was actually quite sad to see them go. And then to make matters worse she had to go in and have a lump removed from her neck not long after the last pup  left.. The vet was pretty sure it was a foreign body (probably a grass seed) but didn’t find it when he opened her up.. She had a drain for  a few days and (touch-wood)  so far it hasn’t flared up again.. She seems pretty happy now.

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  1. Dana Roberts permalink
    March 23, 2017 4:05 pm

    Love your dogs! I had a lovely red girl who was the runt of the litter when I took her, she was such a beautiful girl and I lost her last year. Can’t wait to get another. Will contact you when time is right, though if u have any that need rehousing please let me know, would be really interested. Just not quite ready for a pup yet.
    Dana Roberts

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